Monday, April 21, 2008


We happened to pass by this shop in Trinoma yesterday, mothercare and I can't resist but to go inside and take a look. They have really cute cute (oh! did I say cute!) stuff... I saw this swimming trunks (or was it called swimming nappy?) where you don't have to buy swim diapers anymore. It's roughly PhP800. Regular swimming trunks cost PhP400. These are just estimate costs because I did not write it down so I don't quite remember the exact figures. They also have wet suits for PhP2,000 to keep your babies warm while they go swimming, so so cute! They also have washable diapers which we still have to try for ourselves. The saleslady said it can absorb 3-4 times and since it's washable, it's environment friendly as well. Plus you don't have to buy diapers anymore which could save you a lot. It's roughly PhP500 with 2 pads already. What do you think? Worth to try?

Their products are a bit pricey but hey looking around will cost you nothing hahaha!

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