Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The "Red" Day

Last April 4, hubby and I were both on leave so we took the opportunity to bring our son to a urologist which is long overdue. See... we were supposed to bring Enzo for his check-up when he was barely 1-month old, he is now 6-month old. Our appointment is still at 3PM so we stayed first at my in-laws' house. They picked us up in Quezon City at 10AM past, imagine we got to Makati City at 1PM. Hubby and I were both hungry already by the time we got to my in-laws' house. Gosh... it was not even rush hour!

Anyway, the urologist checked Enzo and we were both glad that there is nothing to do for now but to observe. Haaay... we were in the doctor's clinic for barely 5 minutes and we have to pay the professional fee of PhP600! Oh well, at least we are not worried anymore... the price you have to pay.

Oh yeah, we were all in RED. hahaha! I saw hubby got his red shirt and I already planned the night before to wear my new red Jag shirt. Enzo was supposed to be in white but I decided to have him wear red too (which is a gift from my Tita Ida). cutie noh?

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