Wednesday, May 7, 2008

7th on 7th

It must be a lucky day!

Dear baby Enzo,

My son, how time flies. It's your 7th-month birthday today (May 7th). You were still sound asleep when Mommy left for the office so I just kissed you and wish you a "Happy Birthday!" and "See you later!."

I have been told by relatives, friends and colleagues who have experienced raising a child that babies' routine changes every month... but not you my lil boy. Well, except during the first two/three months when we have to wake up every 2 hours to feed you but after that, it has been a piece of cake. I will only be awaken by your movements which is my sign that you are hungry already. And now at 7 months, whenever you drink your 7 oz. milk between 9-11pm, you will no longer wake Mommy up and drink your milk the next day. I am somewhat amazed that I find you in bed still sound asleep when babies your age are already in the park for their morning sun. Oh well, you are like Mommy who loves sleeping.

My son, we are so proud of you that you have mastered the word "Mama." But I still would prefer you call me "Mommy." In time... I guess. And you are also able to utter "Papa" and "aba."

You also love to feed yourself. Daddy is so amazed whenever he tries to feed you because you will grab the spoon from him and feed yourself. You will even help yourself on your bowl. You are becoming independent, my son... but it's way too early. You are still our baby! Don't grow up too fast.

How you love to push yourself to stand... oh, so taking a bath is becoming harder now but nevertheless, you still enjoy the water. But I cannot be happier, daddy is happier too for we know you are thriving.

On my way home tonight, Mommy will buy "crispy noodles" from North Park as requested by your daddy and get you a chocolate cake as well.

Until here for mommy has to go back to "working." See you later...


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