Wednesday, May 7, 2008

invites preview

So, what do you think... honestly?

All details are still tentative yet even the theme... who knows?

venue: I'm thinking of moving our venue from a function room to a fastfood chain like KFC's. But I have yet to check the Jupiter branch. What I like about KFC is that we can bring food carts in as long as we sign the waiver which I do understand the need for that. This I have to verify with them soon.

food carts: courtesy of Jhoanne of Polkadots. I'm definite about the Arce ice cream cart. I'm thinking of getting either a squid ball cart or Krispy Krepe cart or both... hahaha!

host/magician: Symond courtesy of Jhoanne of Polkadots. I have yet to settle the downpayment with Jhoanne. Anyway, any feedback you have on Symond?

cake: a 10" round cake with Jack-Jack as 3D topper from Kitchen Krafts, still courtesy of Jhoanne of Polkadots.

lootbags: courtesy of Jhoanne of Polkadots again!

And "IF" we finally decided to hold it in KFC, I will just make use of their other party amenities to cut costs... such as balloons, additional lootbags, additional game prizes, background tarp.

Oh well... I still have 5 months to prepare for a fun-filled afternoon for the kids and adult alike.


  1. grrrr sister...

    well...first of... happy 7 months Enzo...i know, just like my son, you're wreaking more havoc at your home and weirdly enough, your prents love you more for it... :)

    kami ang naka-book pa lang talaga yung Photographer :D Oct 12 naman yung celebration :)

    ang galing mo sistah.... kaso ayan na, you made me panic :D wala pako nagagawa talaga whatsoever :D i honestly like the invite na :) we also thought of that as a theme kasi I have a Jack-Jack doll :D diba perfect, Our IncrediBOY Turns One ekek :D

    and am sure it's going to be great... si Jhoanne pa!

  2. hi! ang cute ni Enzo talaga.

    you won't go wrong with jhoanne. i got some of her services too, but since tight ang budget ko, pinili ko lang yung essentials and ako na lang naglakad sa iba.