Monday, May 19, 2008

got the virus!

My boy did...

Enzo has been healthy for the first seven months... that is until after his 7-month birthday. He got a fever last May 8 and threw up when we gave him Tempra and even with his vitamins (0.5 ml Ceelin and 1 ml Growee). We ended up giving him Opigesic (suppository) instead when he registered a fever again that night. He was fever-free the next day and we visited his pedia that afternoon for a check-up since he started coughing as well. Thank God for my hubby's insurance coverage that we are able to reimburse the expenses (consultation fees + medicines).

His pedia advised us that it's possible his fever will shoot up again that night and sadly, it did. Diagnosis is it's either just a viral sickness (fever + cough & colds) or a flu (fever) or a rash that is supposed to appear once fever is gone (forgot the term he used... sis Jacque knows!). He did not register anymore fever since Saturday (May 10) but his cough worsen and still won't take his medicine orally so we resulted to "chest clapping." That actually worked hmmm... that by Wednesday, his cough is barely gone. According to his pedia when we went there this morning for another check-up that his chest seems much clearer now.

You read it right, I took a half-day leave while hubby took the whole day off today since we wanted to bring Enzo for a check-up for another sickness. Since Saturday (May 17), he has a loss of appetite (for milk that is... since he still has been eating solid foods) and he poo's twice a day which is so unlike him and it's watery. So as per his pedia's instruction, we diluted his milk to 1 scoop per 1 & 1/2 oz water and we are still monitoring him until Wednesday. When hubby and Enzo got home, hubby told me that Enzo was able to finish his milk again. He even ate Cerelac at about 5PM and asked again for milk by 7PM. Thank God!

In spite of all these, our baby remains to be his usual "happy" self. We were amazed that even when he threw up his milk that we were so worried and concerned and yet he continue to smile and laugh at us.


  1. sis, glad ok na si enzo. hay, pag may sakit talaga baby, kakaloka!

    anyway, it roseola infantum you were referring to. hehe. buti na lang at hindi. :D

  2. haaay how true! sana nga ako na lang may sakit instead of Enzo or as I was telling hubby, sana ikaw na lang hihihi! joke! pero my prayers are mostly for good health for the family.