Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Year, Five Months and counting...

We are happily married for one year, five months and counting...

We have not really celebrated our monthsary since we got married unlike when we were still bf/gf except on a few occasions like last Friday (May 16). There was really no plans that day. What I was planning is to do our grocery after work while I wait for hubby at Landmark Trinoma so we can go home together. Out of the blue, I asked him if he wants to eat dinner at Ruby Tuesday, a restaurant that was featured in a local channel a few weeks back. He said yes. :)

So that's how we ended up having dinner that night. Ruby Tuesday is an American Fine Dining restaurant. "American?" Yup... there are burgers and fries on the menu. That's "American" enough for me. "Fine Dining?" Yup, "costly" I mean. Trust me when I say that their serving is good enough for two. The waiter told us that it's more than enough for one but might not be good enough for two so we ended up ordering more than what we can eat. We had New Orleans Seafood (PhP 480) which I find a bit bland but hubby likes it so far. It was supposed to be "spicy" but not spicy enough for me. We also had Parmesan Chicken Pasta (PhP 410) which I liked the most from our 3 orders. Oh I have always loved this particular dish even in other restaurants... oh what can I say, I love cheese! We also ordered the Ruby Mini Burgers (PhP 350) which is a bit dry (I think) but okay enough. I still love the Brothers Burger "baby brother."

As always, we try to leave room for dessert. We ended up having Fondue for Two (PhP 382.14) at Max Brenner and hubby ordered for their best-seller, Venezuela Milk Choco (PhP 141.07) which is simply to-die for. We highly recommend this for chocolate lovers like me. Hubby isn't even a choco addict but loves this concoction. Sooo yummy!

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