Wednesday, May 21, 2008

smart nappy

Remember this post?

Finally, I was able to buy 1 outer layer and 2 reusable pads (approximately PhP1,000) from Mothercare Trinoma (3rd floor beside Gymboree). Tried it already for two consecutive nights. And the verdict... WOW! Arlene (the saleslady) is right when she told me that their customers say it could last through the night. Amazingly, it did and the pad is still dry in the morning. The past two nights, I would wake up to check if there was any leak since I am worried that Enzo will be soaking wet but he's not. However, I am going back to Huggies Dry Comfort tonight since our smart nappy is in the laundry huhuhu!

I'm looking forward to my next payroll so I can buy another set. ***highly recommended***

Mothercare also has a branch in Shangri-La Mall. The smart nappies come in different sizes.

For the outer layer:
Newborn - 2-5 kgs.
Small - 3-6 kgs.
Medium - 5.5-9 kgs.
Large - 9-13.5 kgs.

Reusable pads come in newborn, small/medium, and large sizes. Our Enzo uses medium. Try it for yourself.

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  1. sis, two pads for 1k? how many times will you be able to use it? enlighten me more. although, was in shang na kanina but i did'nt pass by mothercare. takot ako, baka mapabili na naman ako e. haha.