Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bottled "Balut," anyone?

eewwww... was my (and my officemates, Mau and Eloy) initial reaction when I saw this bottle of "balut" in Rustan's Supermarket here in Greenbelt this afternoon, right after our lunch. It's in the aisle, opposite the ice creams so you won't miss it. I suppose it's a new product since the tag says "New." eeewwww again! I do eat balut... oh well, just the "sabaw" and the egg yolk and throw away the chick or gives it to hubby. But that's fresh... I mean hot. I just can't imagine it being bottled like the ones you do with sardines. Oh well, die-hard "balut" eaters might like it, I dunno. Can't remember exact price but it would range between Php 70-80 per bottle.

Dare to try?

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