Monday, July 7, 2008


My lil prince is now 9-month old, imagine that! At 9 months, he...

  • still has 2 front teeth
  • wave ba-bye / wave hello
  • clap his hands (with sound) - I didn't realize until to this day how amazing this simple act could be!
  • can finish 8 oz of milk and can consume 24 oz in a day
  • sips the dropper of his vitamins
  • eats anything and everything we give him - from Gerber to Cerelac, from plain Cerelac to ones we mixed with fresh banana and papaya, Rebisco Marie and Manna biscuits with cheese, sweet potato, Nido yogurt (banana, strawberry flavor), porridge, tinola, sinigang na maya-maya, plain rice, bread, pansit, 4-cheese pizza (just a taste of the last 2 items).
  • can pull himself to stand using either our bodies or the bed posts
  • says "Mama," "Papa," on occassions and "ababababa" often
  • imitates the coughing sound (his Lolo taught him hihihi!)

Can't wait to be home tonight to celebrate...

1 comment:

  1. wow dami na nagagawa ni enzo.
    si aqi may pagka-moody kaya hindi ko alam kung chamba lang or kaya nya.