Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sun, Sand & Rain of Boracay (25 July 2008)

As I have posted earlier, our family adventure almost did not happen. But thank God for pedias like my son's who comforted us that we are good to go.

Enzo got a fever last Tuesday night (July 22) and we were hoping it was just a reaction to the measles vaccine he got 10 days ago. Because one of the possible effects is a fever 5-10 days after the vaccination. Dr. Clemente advised us that it should resolve within 24 hours. But it didn't. :( Fever registered again on Wednesday afternoon. Doc advised us to get a urinalysis done. Good thing Medical City has a branch in Trinoma where hubby brought Enzo's urine sample. We got the result after an hour and texted it to our pedia. Result: slight UTI. geez! Doc advised us to start on Ceclor (2.5ml 3x a day). Hopefully, he will respond to it and fever will be gone by Thursday. Our dilemma now is how to make Enzo take his medicine. You see... Enzo has no problem taking his vitamins (he even sips it from the dropper) but he wouldn't just take his medicines orally like Ceclor and even Tempra. We ended up mixing it with his milk (1 oz). Enzo seems to be getting better by Thursday but around lunch time (after eating Cerelac), he threw up so we decided to bring him to Dr. Clemente so we would know whether to push through with our Bora trip or move it. We decided that there is no way we are leaving Enzo behind! Fever registered again that afternoon while we were in the clinic but Dr. Clemente is quite hopeful that it will resolve after the 6th intake of his medicine.

Another story... we take Enzo's temperature using an anal thermometer since we were advised that it is the most accurate (we do have a digital ear thermometer) but lately, Enzo's getting smarter and we are having a hard time keeping it in place. I was amazed at the laser thermometer Doc has... WOW! But it's just so expensive. His assistant told me it costs roughly Php5,000. yikes! Too much!

Doc assured us that we can bring Enzo besides we have all his medicines with us and he told us that there are doctors on call in Boracay and he will be on top of it if need be. So... we're excited again...

(This photo was taken after we landed in Caticlan.) We left for Caticlan last Friday, July 25 on board Asian Spirit. We availed of the "0 fare promo" way back in April of this year. We booked for a faster flight but days before we were to leave, our flight has been moved to 11AM for the 1-hour flight. geez! And when we got to the domestic airport, our flight was delayed for an hour. We were finally able to board the plane by 12 past.

This is both our first time to go to Boracay and also our first time to board the Asian Spirit. geez! Didn't know the plane was that small. *scary* Oh, the aircon wasn't even turned on yet, we had to wait for the plane to take off before it cooled. Oh well, it got us to our destination safe & sound and for roughly Php6,000 for the three of us, why complain?!

I have pre-arranged with Microtel Inn & Suites our transfer which costs Php1,000 per person (excluding infant.)

(This is how the weather is like when we got to Boracay... lovely!)

(The first time we hit the sand of Boracay coming from the jetty port.)

This is how the "double room" of Microtel Inn & Suites look like... that's just half of the room. Another same-sized bed is placed on the right side. It's that big... I guess good for 4 pax at least.

Amenities included: airconditioned, cable T.V., hot & cold water, drinking water/coffee & tea available at the vending area (ground floor), free shuttle, set breakfast.

There is no refrigerator in the double rooms. I was told suite rooms will have one. But you can leave it (like in our case, Enzo's medicines) in the refrigerator in their pantry area. There is also no bathtub in case you are looking for one.
Their set breakfast is okay. Hubby loves the daing na bangus so he got that for two consecutive mornings and ordered pancake on the last day which he says is also as good.

While I ordered tapa on the first morning, longganisa on the next and toasts on the last day.

(Here is Enzo feeling at home already.)

(Microtel is a beachfront property. This part is the Diniwid beach although the sand is not as fine as the White Beach in Station 1.)

I would recommend staying in Microtel Inn & Suites. It is affordable and they have a free shuttle to bring you wherever so it's really not a problem even if it's not in Station 1. Although food is a bit expensive. Imagine we spent roughly Php 1,000 on our first day because we decided to have lunch there instead since it's late in the afternoon and we're sooo hungry and Enzo is a bit tired if we decide to still go out and explore. And we only ordered a bolognese, tuna sandwich, pumpkin soup, 2 mango shakes & coke. But we have tried their version of the "Banana Choco Peanut" shake and hubby even says it's way better than Jonah's. I dunno about that but it's more expensive than the Php75 of Jonah's.

That night we went to d' Mall to have dinner and buy mineral water at the Budget Mart. How lucky the owner of that mini-mart where all tourists seem to flock. We were supposed to try Mang Inasal but since it was full, we ended up eating in Andok's hihihi! Oh and I tried the Mango Nutella Crepe (with an extra serving of choco fudge) of Crazy Crepes... yummy! Loved it so much that when we got back to Manila, I just had to have so we bought Mango Crumble Crepe (this is the one with vanilla ice cream) at their The Block branch in SM North EDSA. My new found love! And still craving for it.

Afterwards, we bought Wilkins for Enzo's milk and another brand of Mineral Water (Summit... I guess) to wash-off the Chicco Sterilizing solution I bought in SM. We did not bring the sterilizer with us. If I can only bring it with us, life will be simplier and faster but it's just way too bulky. We also bought Joy Antibac to wash Enzo's feeding bottles and 2 jars of Gerber.

... day 2 to follow.

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