Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the party that was...

His was a simple celebration with a few guests and an overflowing of food and love.
We only had 5 guests so imagine the food we served was really overflowing. Lola Rose was the first one to arrive in time for lunch followed by lolo Jun. While lolo Boy, lola Myrna and Nanay arrived in time for merienda. I cooked spaghetti and ordered the Sabroso Lechon! I also bought the embotido from Conti's and the Brown Derby cake. Lolo Jun made the gulaman while the Obiases brought the pancit and fried chicken. It was a feast fit for our little prince.

Enzo was on his more than usual happy, playful self as he is surrounded by people who adore him the most. He might have somehow known that it's his special day.

To you our son, "Happy, Happy Birthday!" We now looked forward to your party this weekend.

9.5 kgs and 74.5 cms by age 1


  1. cute happy baby! belated! i can't wait for my baby to turn 1. as of now, enjoy ko muna ang baby ko.

  2. Happy Birthday Enzo!

    @berry: Yeah, he's so gwapo no ?

  3. Thanks Jean & Berry for your greetings! Berry, yeah enjoy your baby kasi they do grow up fast. I still miss those days hihihi!