Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sabroso verdict is OUT!

Too bad I don't have a close-up picture of the lechon. Can you see it on your far left? The delivery is right on time... well, a few minutes late but still okay since our guests have not arrived yet and I understand they are coming from New Manila, Quezon City. One kilo is actually enough for us (8 pax including me, hubby & yaya) and we even have left-overs. The lechon smells good and the skin is crunchy except for a few. I also felt it is less oily than your usual lechon. The meat is a bit dark-colored I guess because they make use of native pigs. The taste is a lot different from the usual lechon but still, very tasty. Still something I need to get used to but worth the try. Am I a convert? Not yet... as I am still a certified Elarz addict.


  1. My mom loves Elarz too.

    Me ? Gusto ko na makatikim ng lechon, miss na miss ko na. :)

    Kelan kaya ako makakauwi ?

  2. Hi Jean, maybe you can have your mom taste the Sabroso version and let's see what she says. They have free delivery naman eh. hihihi!