Wednesday, November 26, 2008

from Singapore and back...

There was no update from me until now because I was on official business all of last week in Singapore. It was the very first time I have to leave my two boys on their own for that long. I tell you that one week is way too long for a mom. I left last Sunday, November 16 and by Tuesday (November 18), I was aching to go home. But I can't yet because our annual conference is on Thursday and Friday. By Saturday, November 22 I was too excited that I'll be flying home already while my other "single" officemates are staying behind for another night. I would have loved to stay just like I used to in the past but just like what most people say, priorities do change when one becomes a mom, when you become responsible for another person.

So, now I'm happily home... and catching up on stuff piled on my desk.

Oh! We're bringing Enzo to the Barney Live show this Saturday at Mall of Asia... we don't know yet how he will react and if we will end up wasting the P590 each we paid for the tickets but I'm very optimistic. You see, Enzo adores "Ba-ba!" Yup! that's how he calls his purple friend.

I might also be able to bring hubby and Enzo to Tali (Batangas) next weekend... busy days ahead.

side note: I'm down to 2lbs... must have been the meals skipped while in Singapore. The junk foods and chocolates did not make up for the lost pounds hahaha! Now, I'm at 1?1.

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