Friday, November 28, 2008

my new found love

I have always been in love with Hershey's (and will always be!) and I have once fallen in love with Kitkat but fell out of love since the Kitkat in the stores here are not the same Kitkat I used to enjoy. But I found my new love when I went to Singapore last week... the so-called Rolls Royce of chocolates - "Royce!"

My former officemate, Ronnette who is now based in Singapore bought us the one which goes with an ice pack as it requires refrigeration which we shared after dinner. Sooo yummy... you can't stop! I forgot I was on a diet hahaha! I was hesitant to bring one back home as it might just melt (and since I believe they already have a branch in Greenhills) so I just purchased the one that does not require refrigeration and it cost me SGD7 (roughly Php224.00). Way way expensive than the "bigger" family block of Cadbury which I got for only SGD3.80 (roughly Php 121.60). Cadbury is way cheaper in Singapore than here in the Philippines. The Cadbury was still in promo when I bought them at the Cold Storage supermarket (Great World City) but they have increased their price to SGD4.90 (roughly Php 156.80) since then. Chocolates though are cheaper in Mustafa(?). They sell the Cadbury family block at SGD4.50 (roughly Php 144.00). Not bad huh for pasalubong.

So, back to my new found love... I have yet to go to Greenhills so I can share with hubby the experience of a Rolls Royce!

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