Friday, November 28, 2008


... or what we commonly refer to as beef/pork jerky. These are actually "barbeque meat" and the best one you could find is at Bee Cheng Hiang in Singapore.

It's sooo good so you must remember to bring some home when you happen to be in Singapore (there's an outlet in Chinatown as well as at the Great World City near the Cold Storage supermarket) or even when you are in transit at the Changi airport. I bought home a few for hubby since he has asked for it and I wasn't able to buy him any pasalubong aside from the Royce chocolate bar. It's a bit expensive at SGD11 (roughly Php 352.00) for only 4 pieces of those sliced pork. Then I bought 2 pieces each for my parents and my in-laws. We have 1 sliced pork left in the refrigerator waiting to be devoured.

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