Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i MUST...

... cut down my trips to Starbucks... those Caramel Frappe (my current fave!) is hurting my pocket and my goal to lose weight. I'll limit my trip to once a month but if I can't help it, maybe twice a month will suffice for now. I was able to resist it for 11 months (February-December 2007) when I was pregnant then breastfeeding but when I got back to work by January, I would have it at least 4x a week. The culprit!

... stop buying sweets and junk foods so I have to stop myself from crossing the street to buy at Rustan's. It will also help lessen our grocery expenses.

... stop drinking softdrinks. I was able to resist it when I was still pregnant so I know I can do this.

... cut my rice intake especially at night, can I live with wheat bread alone? We'll see.

This is my goal for this month. Let's work one month at a time. I will update you in a month if I was able to shed a pound or two or worst, gain some more from my current 1?4 lbs (geez!)

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