Wednesday, November 5, 2008

w@w to n@w

I became a member of w@w... a yahoogroup of brides-to-be when I was preparing for our wedding in 2006. Later on, I signed off from w@w and subscribe to n@w... a yahoogroup of newlyweds. This is where I met sp.

She is the only w@wie (n@wie too!) I have met personally and have in fact kept in touch. You'll be amazed that the major events in our lives are always a week apart, really! I got married on the 16th of December 2006, she tied the knot on the 23rd at the same church. I gave birth to Enzo on the 7th of October 2007, Johann, her son was born on the 15th of the same month. We even both gave birth via CS delivery. Even family celebrations were a week apart. Enzo's baptism was December 15, 2007, Johann's baptism fell on the 22nd. We celebrated Enzo's first birthday last October 11, 2008, Johann's Jollibee party was last October 18.

Here am I with sis sp and our 2 adorable sons during Johann's 1st Birthday!


  1. Niiice. I haven't met personally the other W@Wies who become N@Wies.

    The last time I saw them was last W@W EB in Burgoo. That was December 2006.

  2. winner, si sp mondola ba to? i remember her sa w@w days pa. ehehe