Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 -here we come!

Thank God it's Friday! Coming back to work from a 2-week long vacation was such a drag. I was even too lazy to blog so I have so many backlogs in terms of the stories I want to share with you all. I don't even know where to start... let's just begin with the highlights of the last 2 weeks of year 2008:

1. Enzo became clingy during the holidays. It's so unlike him. He used to go with anyone who wishes to carry him, even a stranger. I guess he is in that phase in a child's life. We were even worried what will happen when we both go back to work but thank God, he adjusted well.

2. We spent the Christmas Eve at my parent's house but went home at about 10PM since we will leave early the next day to go to my in-laws and we still have gifts to open that night.

3. We spent the Christmas Day at my in-laws. We attended mass at San Ildefonso Parish.

4. We spent the New Year's Eve at my parent's house so that Enzo can at least experience the New Year celebration. I guess he eventually got scared of the sound of the firecrackers that he doesn't want to let go of me even if he was too sleepy already. He was just holding me tight.

5. We celebrated Papa's birthday last January 1 and kuya & his family came to visit with the newest baby in tow, Miguel. We also went out to have dinner at Red Crab (Greenbelt) with my mom's younger sister who came home from the US.

6. We went to my in-laws on the 2nd already and went to Mall of Asia for rest and recreation.

Now, our family is looking forward for a brighter, peaceful and healthier 2009! We're looking forward to our next out of town trip. I have started scouting for cheap fares and accommodation so we might just end up going to Bohol middle of the year. Enzo will be turning 2 this year but we have decided that there will be no grand party this time, just an intimate lunch or dinner with our respective families. Maybe we can still spend our 3rd Anniversary in Cebu (wishful!).


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