Monday, January 19, 2009

Experiencing Tagaytay

Last Saturday (January 17), we went with my in-laws to Tagaytay. We have a scheduled check-up with Enzo's pedia, Dr. Clemente in the morning and even if we were there as early as 9:30AM (his clinic opens at 9AM), we were 15th on the list. My nephew, Miguel (or Jaoqui or JC or... yes, we have not yet decided on his alias) was also due for his check-up and so he was 16th on the list. Yup, Dr. Clemente is really in demand that when we were finished by 11:30past (i think?!), there were already 40+ on his list imagine! But he's really sooo good so we patiently wait for our turn.

We initially plan to go straight to Tagaytay after his check-up but since it's almost lunch time, we ate first at my in-laws house. We got to Tagaytay at around 3PM already. But even if it's in the middle of the afternoon, it was not hot but cool instead that we have to change Enzo's polo (short sleeves) to a more warmer clothing (right picture). Our first stop is at the Pink Sisters and here are some of the many shots hubby took that day.

(checking if he can walk on his own...teehee!)

(left to right: yaya, me & Enzo, lola Myrna, lolo Boy & ninong Mac)

Next stop was supposed to be Tagaytay Zoo but upon learning that the entrance fee is Php200 per person (there were 7 of us including yaya), we decided to turn back and instead, have an early dinner while appreciating the view of Taal at Leslie’s Restaurant. The prices (which I forgot to take note) is a bit steep that we spend roughly Php 400++ per head. We ordered these…

(top: their specialty, Bulalo / bottom: another specialty, Sugpo sa Aligue)

(top: Chopsuey / bottom: Tuna sisig)

Not in the pictures are Lechon Kawali and Molo Soup. See... we only remembered to take photos when we were almost finished which explains the state of the above pictures. Personally, I like the Sugpo sa Aligue and Lechon Kawali. Though I'm not much of a beef person, hubby says the Bulalo is also good. The Tuna Sisig is just a-okay, nothing spectacular. I have not tasted the Chopsuey so I could not comment on it while the Molo Soup I specifically ordered for Enzo is salty.

(Leslie's view of Taal)

(still at Leslie's Restaurant)

This is Enzo's first time in Tagaytay so another first in the many adventures we hope to have with our son. Up next, Cebu! Yup, we're going on May 8-10 with the lolos & lolas... sooo excited! ‘til our next family adventure…

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