Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MISis Adventure # 6: Buttered Shrimps ala Dampa

It was last week during one of the days that hubby & I can't go home together from work, I was with an officemate (who also takes the MRT to North) who is a good cook. In fact, she even gave us (my officemates) "Bangus Salpicao" as a Christmas present last year. She told me that it's so simple to make the Buttered Shrimps ala Dampa (which I told her I so loved!). I tried it last Sunday, January 18 for our dinner and you bet, hubby was so impressed hahaha!

garlic (lots of it)
shrimps (with a dash of salt)
ginger (lots of it)
Mama Sita's Barbeque Sauce

Melt the butter in the oil.
Saute the garlic.
Add the shrimps until cooked.
Add the ginger, sugar and Mama Sita's.

Hubby loves it! I bet you it tastes so much like the one served in dampa... sooo yummy! My officemate also told me I can also use oyster sauce (instead of the barbeque sauce)or just sugar will do. So you would probably guess that the rating for this dish is a perfect 5.

5 - exceptionally good!
4 - must try
3 - A-okay
2 - bland
1 - yikes! Never try this at home!


  1. Hi there... want to change your favicon? find out how.. Have a nice tuesday!

  2. Nice! Maybe I should try it this weekend ;)

    Thanks for sharing the recipe sis :)

  3. Hi Joanne, let me know your hubby's reaction... teehee!

  4. Naku sis, di ko pa sya nagagawa... Hopefully this weekend ;) Paln ko sana sa bday nya kaso that's 2 weeks away pa