Monday, January 26, 2009

oh boy!

Can I just rant here a bit... I guess I can since it's my blog, my space.

It's our first time to attend a baptism that you will need a stub to get inside the chapel. And we were with Enzo so, imagine the inconvenience having to wait outside. Good thing I decided to just hear mass while waiting for hubby who has that lucky stub because he is one of the godparents. Wouldn't it be nice for your guests to be able to witness the ceremony? The church I guess only gives stubs for the parents and the godparents. Well, at least, we could have been advised that only the godparents will be allowed entry and your wife and son could just proceed to the reception venue. Oh and if you lose that stub, you have to pay Php50.

We have attended baptisms in the past and they were even held in a small church/chapel but all guests were welcome to attend the ceremony. This is a first!

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  1. grabe naman yan sis. san ba yang church na yan?