Thursday, February 5, 2009

short & sweet

err... I think the most appropriate word would be "fun!" That's how our dinner-movie date last Friday turned out. We were able to catch the 7:55PM showing of Underworld and we have about an hour more to spare so we decided to eat dinner first at this new pizza/pasta restaurant in Trinoma, Ristorante Bigoli. We ordered their combo that's good for 2 pax. For only Php 350, you'll share their Spaghetti Marinara, 2 pcs. chicken (in their special tomato & natural honey sauce), 2 pcs. Cheese Overload Pizza, soup and salad of your choice and 2 glasses of drinks. We opted for the Minestrone Soup and Fresh Garden Salad. They also give you their fresh, hot from the oven, soft, yummy breadsticks for free. For their breadsticks alone, it's worth a try. The food was generally okay. I loved their breadsticks (did I say it already?). The Cheese Overload Pizza is thin and chewy the way I liked it. I was impressed with the fresh garden salad for someone who only learned to appreciate veggies when she got pregnant hihihi! I didn't like the chickens though because they were a bit too salty, I wonder why?! I thought it should have been on the sweet side.

The experience is not bad for Php 350. There were no pictures because we were in a hurry to catch the 7:55PM showing. Hubby bought me ice cream from the Cold Rock Ice Creamery for dessert. I chose the Ferrero ice cream mixed with Freddo strawberry & Rocky Road. It's really yummy but ridiculously priced! Imagine we paid Php230 for just the regular cup. In times like this, we'll think twice before we buy another cup.

We both enjoyed Underworld. You see, I like those horror, suspense, action-packed movies hahaha! We are now trying to look for the first 2 parts. Oh, we bet there will be a part 4. So, I guess our next date would be on Friday the 13th hahaha! We bet there will be a huge crowd come Valentine's Day since it will fall on a weekend tsk tsk tsk!


  1. Hi sis! Friendship award for you - Ü

  2. Hi Sheryll, Advanced V-day date ba to ? :)