Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wondering why?

... I have not updated in the last 2 weeks or so? Just been really lazy plus the fact that the internet connection in the office sucks! Oh, I still read your blogs even if I don't get to leave a note in your chatbox or I'm not able to do your tag (sowee!).

A lot has happened which I have not been able to blog. Hubby surprised me with a dozen red roses which he had delivered to our condo on Friday the 13th. We just ate that night at Almon Marina to celebrate the V day and end the night with cups of chocolate from our recent favorite, Max Brenner. We have always loved the sausage/pasta combo of Almon Marina but the last time we ate there was way before the Glorietta bombing (in 2007?). So we were just too happy to learn that they re-opened in Greenbelt.

Guess what? I turned 30 about a week ago hihihi! I'm still in the calendar though. Hubby & I decided to treat our families to lunch at Dencio's in Trinoma. My in-laws gave me Truffles chocolate... sooo yummy! My parents gave me the D&G Blue, my all-time favorite while kuya bought me a cake & lip gloss from my nephews. And Enzo got a new Florsheim shoes that is oh-so-cute courtesy of MIL.

Let me share with you the latest picture of John Lloyd este "Jake Cuenca" (according to his Ninang) este Enzo getting ready for the summer heat. This boy is such a charmer!

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  1. i know it's too late na. but i still wanna greet you. hehe . . . belated happy birthday sheryll.