Wednesday, March 18, 2009

say "Aaahh!"

As I have posted last week, we went to see the pedia-dentist recommended by Dr. Clemente last Saturday at the Medical Plaza. Our appointment is at 12noon but since we finished early from our check-up with Dr. Clemente, I think we were at the dentist's clinic by 10:30 or so. I asked the assistant if there is a way that she could squeeze us or if we should just come back. And since Dra. Antolin is with a patient at that time, we were lucky that Dra. Diane was free to check on our son. I find her very pleasant and she really explains everything to you. Dra. Antolin is also nice that she took the time to see us for a few minutes and even recommended us to a casting agency hihihi! That's another story that deserves another post.

They did an oral prophylaxis and a fluoride treatment something (which will be done during Enzo's visit every 6 months). The procedure was quite expensive! Well, I was not quite expecting that it would cost us Php1,000 for it plus the Php 800.00 I paid for the MI Paste I could put on Enzo's teeth (pea-size so I guess that tube will go a long way) once a day everyday. It contains calcium and phosphate which is like vitamins for your teeth. It comes in different flavors - vanilla, mint, melon, etc. We got the strawberry one. The toothbrush she used on Enzo was also given to us.

Oh, wondering how's Enzo during the procedure? You bet he was crying his lungs out. Sooo kawawa but it really is for his own good and she was just really brushing his teeth so I know it does not really hurt him. I guess he just don't like the idea of being held down. Since Enzo is still somehow a baby, he sat on his daddy's lap facing him then laid him down on Dra. Diane's lap so I guess he doesn't like that position.

We then bought the Sansfluo toothpaste at the Mercury Drug. Also in strawberry flavor. So far, Enzo enjoys brushing his teeth and does not give a fuss about it so I hope it stays that way. Our next dental appointment is sometime in September.

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  1. Poor baby. Is there something wrong with his teeth that he needed that ? Or talagang check up lang ?