Wednesday, March 18, 2009

empty handed :(

We were at the Mega Crocs Sale last weekend. We went there last Saturday (March 14) with my in-laws (and Enzo in tow = bad idea!) at around 4 past. The lines to get inside Mega Tent was manageable that time but slow moving. At least it was moving and we were able to get inside in less than an hour really (or even less). Since I have a BPI Edge card, my entrance fee was waived. As I was about to pay for hubby and MIL (P50 each), the girl behind the counter told me to just go ahead so their entrance fees were also waived. Good thing! Inside the Mega Tent was another story. The long lines to the cashier (which doesn't seem to move really) is what convinced us to go home instead. Geez... I was only hoping to buy a pair and maybe 2 for Enzo while the others waiting for their turn at the cashier was holding not 1 but at least 2 big plastic bags. If it was just hubby and me, we could have stayed longer but since Enzo was with us, it was not such a good idea. Good thing we didn't pay the entrance fee for we left the Tent empty-handed! Imagine the officemate of hubby went home with 32 pairs! And we were told (?) that they even lowered the prices in the afternoon of Sunday because there were just too many shoppers.

I was thinking of getting this Cleo for myself.

And I was hoping to get Enzo a new pair or 2 perhaps just like this Disney Tigger Pelican and this ordinary Kid's Cayman.

This is what he currently has c/o his ninong Mac which he usually wear in his afternoon stroll at the park.

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