Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Smilestones at 17 months!

I have not been able to keep track of Enzo's "smilestones" since he turned 1 last October (bad mommy?!). So let me share with you these "smilestones" that continue to amaze us. It does not really mean he only learn these tricks this month alone but in the course of the last 5 months since his first birthday.

- calls me "Sheshe," not "mommy" huhuhu! My nickname is Che really!
- says "bo" for ball. He loves to play with the ball and even knows how to shoot. I guess a passion he got from his dad who religiously watch the game.
- says "Baba" for Barney.
- says "Baba" for Jollibee too but he knows quite well the difference if you ask him to pick and he will pick the right one. Amazing!
- says "Bababa!" to go down our 3rd floor condo.
- says "water" for water. His that clear!
- knows the sign for Amen.
- knows the sign for Lactum. His milk is NAN 3 really (and Pediasure lately as recommended by his pedia!).
- knows the sign for "Kamay sa baba!" And even does it on his own when he sees Pokwang on T.V.
- knows the sign for Coke.
- knows the Papaya dance.
- knows his nose, eyes & ears. Still have to teach him the other parts of the body.
- knows how to properly hold a crayon like adults do. We were actually surprised how he knew!

This just shows how a child can make a simple antic priceless! I'll leave for lunch in awhile so I'll try to update again later when I think about something. Ciao!

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