Friday, May 29, 2009

cakes...cakes and more cakes!

Since we are not really having a party (an all out one!)this year (2nd), I have just been busy checking out on birthday cakes which I plan to have no matter what harharhar! And since my son adores the purple dino so much, our theme will be "Barney and friends" on a swimming pool backdrop or a basketball court.

Here's an idea I got from French Kiss. Except I told Ms. Belle that there will be Barney, BJ and Baby Bop instead of just kids swimming in the pool.

I have also inquired from Quintbelles but I wonder if they do a non-fondant cake. Another baker I am checking out is Veronica's Kitchen. I have tried her mini cheesecakes (see picture on your left) before and it was yummy plus she is near our place. See below her version of "Barney and friends." cutie!

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