Monday, June 22, 2009

a Father's Day Celebration at Kulinarya Kitchen

My mom-in-law treated my father-in-law (and of course, "us") to lunch last Sunday in time for Father's Day. We ate at Kulinarya Kitchen in Rockwell. We had fish & chips. The serving is really small enough for 1 pax , I guess plus...

Italian Sausage Pasta. Not that memorable but good enough for sharing. We were about 6pax.

Cheesesteak Pizza. Flavorful & yummy. Maybe we can try their "all cheese" next time.

Baby Back Ribs platter. The hit among our orders. It's Php800, I find it expensive for it's serving size and compared to Racks but nevertheless, yummy! Oh, and we love the sweet corn.

Thanks to my in-laws for inviting us for lunch, 'til next time!

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