Thursday, July 23, 2009


Am still around, I just don't have the motivation to blog until this came along...

We got it last night courtesy of my tita who came home from the States. I was supposed to pay for it since I asked her to check it for me because the iPhone I wanted was locked to AT&T (as she informed me). But my tita said it's her gift to Enzo *eyes twinkling* an early birthday gift! I sooo look forward to playing Mario... I miss this game! Since this Wii came from the US, do you think it's modified already to play pirated games or not? If not, how much is it to have it modified and any reliable shops?

Thank you, thank you tita Ida, tito Ross & Joss for the wonderful present!

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  1. Wow! Enzo is lucky to have an early bday gift :)

    I wish someone will give me a Wii as a gift too! Ahahaha! Asa pa ako =P