Thursday, July 23, 2009

big purchases for the year!

Since we now have a Wii, we are "considering" buying a flat screen tv which will also maximize our space in the condo hahaha! See! We're really trying to convince ourselves. So, we're hoping and silently praying that we'll have the funds to cover for this before the year ends. We saw a Panasonic brand for less than 30K and the size is just right for our room. I hope a good offer comes along!

Another would be a good mattress. If only we could convince ourselves to buy the orthopedic ones but they are sooo expensive. Lately, I have been experiencing back pains and I think it is because of our mattress. I hope we could purchase a new one by the end of the year as well.

The Bohol get-away I'm planning for our 3rd anniversary can very well wait until next year. Oh well, we just went to Cebu this May (that's our quota - at least 1 travel a year). The party for Enzo's 2nd birthday can also be shelved. He doesn't yet ask for one anyway so maybe wait until that time comes (say, 4 or 5). We'll still celebrate his birthday at home with the family and maybe we can get him the Elmo Live or the Aquadoodle something for his birthday. His ninong Mac bought him this Tickle Me Elmo from a thrift shop and Enzo is now on his Elmo-phase hihihi!

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  1. Hmm... you gave me an idea sis Sheryll on what to give for the 2 upcoming kiddie birthdays that I'm going to attend to :)