Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last Monday, as the rest of the Filipino people is mourning the passing away of Former President Corazon Aquino, hubby is silently mourning the lost of his Sony Ericsson (the one we got from my dad which replaced his Nokia unit). He doesn't really remember where he misplaced it. And I have tried calling his number but it was just ringing then after a couple of tries, I could no longer reach the number. Some soul probably got hold of it already and didn't have the conscience to return it to the owner huhuhu!

Now, we are on a look-out for a new mobile and we're also waiting for funds to come in hahaha! It's either I buy myself an iPhone *eyes twinkling* and hubby can use my O2. Or we are considering these units:

1. htc Touch Viva

2. Nokia E63 is way cheaper and we can even buy 2 (the Ruby Red color for me harharhar!)

But I will forever drool on this...

I can even settle for the old model. I hope there is a reasonable price in Greenhills.

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