Thursday, September 24, 2009

my birthday wishlist for the 'lil boy!

In 2 weeks time, Enzo will be turning "2!" And when you ask him his age now, he will say "2" with action. Here is our wishlist for the 'lil boy (hoping his 7 pairs of godparents are reading this! joke po!):

1. Disney Pixar Cars McQueen Molded Kids Cayman (size: 8/9 or bigger)

2. Nickelodeon Spongebob Patrick Kids Cayman (size 8/9 or bigger)
When we entered the Crocs store in Trinoma, this is the model that Enzo pointed to us hihihi!

3. Crocs Rally Shoes (color: red/black or white/black)

4. Lacoste Classic Polo Shirt for kids (size: 4 / color: parakeet yellow)
We'll try to get him a red one for his birthday, it's just that sometimes they don't have the color on stock. I'd like him to have one in yellow too since "Yellow is the new Black!" teehee!
5. Guess Baby maong pants (size bigger than 18 months)
He only has 1 and pretty soon, he will be able to outgrow it!
6. sleeveless shirts (for malling)

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