Monday, September 28, 2009

things DO happen for a reason...

... and it taught me the virtue of "patience."

My salary was only released last Friday so that's the only time we will be able to do our weekly grocery in Landmark, Trinoma. We wanted to do it on Saturday when we visit my in-laws in Makati but since their house is still under renovation, we didn't push through. And since hubby wanted badly to have his haircut last Friday as well as the dandruff treatment which takes about an hour to finish, I ended up doing the grocery instead even if I knew that the line for the taxi would be very looonng... indeed, it was for we waited 2 hours just to get into one finally! We swear we will never do the grocery on a Friday, rainy night. You see, that happened to us thrice or four times already and we never learned our lesson. But it was a blessing in disguise pala or else...

... we would have been stranded in the mall with a toddler in tow if we ended up doing the grocery that Saturday when typhoon Ondoy was at it's glory!

... if we insisted on going to my in-laws to do our grocery then we would have been stranded and under knee-high waters!

So the 2-hour wait that Friday night is worth it after all!

Our gasul gave up on us Saturday morning and there was no delivery due to the floods surrounding our area. Luckily, we have electricity and was still able to cook our viand using the convection oven given to us on our wedding. Didn't know you can actually fry a chicken there? teehee! and the skin was crispy ha.

We noticed there was a leak on the corner of our wall and we our having the Admin office check on it. I have reported it already as well as the emergency lights on the corridors of our cluster which were not working. We lost electricity for about 3 hours and another few hours or so.

Now, it kept me thinking that typhoon Ondoy could have come on a weekday when everybody is usually out (at work) and it could have been worse especially for the kids left at home...


  1. I agree that things happen for a reason :)
    I was thinking of buying a convection oven where you can bake...hehehe. Any brand recommendation?

  2. Glad to hear that you're okay :)