Monday, October 26, 2009

...presenting my mini-Wolverine

Our weekend was jampacked as we have 2 Halloween parties to attend to. I registered Enzo to the Fun Ranch Halloween Party held last Saturday, October 24. Entrance is free but one must pre-register. Down side is that they accommodated 800 kids (not counting the parents, yayas, lolos and lolas) so it was really crowded that afternoon and most of the time, we (Enzo's cousin, Brent also attended the party) were just at the little corner (back of the stage) sitting and watching other children in different costumes pass by. We did not even bother going to the Rainbow Room where the activities such as photo booth, face painting, etc. are being held because the line was just too looong. We also weren't able to get much loot from the trick or treat, it did not even fill-up the small pumpkin we brought. Although there were kids who got more loot... hmmm?! We did not stay longer anymore and decided to leave early. We just gave our stub for the loot bag to his cousin who stayed behind. I wonder what their give-aways are?

Here is his picture at the sideline showing his Tita (hubby's cousin) his stamp. Proof that we were there...

Enzo & Memmy at Fun Ranch Halloween Party (24 October 2009)


  1. Dami ngang nagreklamo na N@Wies din sa Fun Ranch. Turns out na may birthday partied din kaya crowded...sayang...

  2. hi sis! noreen here, n@wie, we were there too, haha, mahaba nga photobooth pero tinyaga namin, hehe. 1st time to attend the event, bought yung ride-all-you-can ticket, mabuti nalang mahilig magsasakay si betbet.

    sana na meet kita at si enzo, isang n@wie lang nakilala ko eh (melissa ni che).

  3. hello. fellow n@wie here. we were there, too. di na din kami pumila sa photo booth, face painting, etc. grabe ang pila! nag-rides na lng din yung anak ko. nakakapagod pero nag-enjoy namin kami. :)