Monday, October 26, 2009

Wolverine in action at Gymboree Greenbelt (25 October 2009)

Comparing with our experience at Fun Ranch, Gymboree won by a landslide (based on me & hubby's personal opinion). Although it came with a price P900 (discounted by 10% for early registration) but Enzo enjoyed it a lot especially the class (more than trick or treat afterwards). I'm sooo proud of my baby oooppss... 'lil boy. He is hesitant at first to do what the teacher does but is able to follow her after a few tries. Made me think of enrolling him for a 4-day session...

Pic was taken before the class started... my mini-Wolverine in action!

Lola Rose & lolo Jun accompanied us for their "first" trick or treat experience! hahaha!

Enzo, this time, with Daddy... a few rare shots with Daddy as he is usually behind the camera teehee!

Start of Gymboree Trick or Treat at selected stores in Greenbelt 1 & 4 (me thinks?!)

So, next year will definitely be a Gymboree Halloween Party again. We decided that we won't attend the Fun Ranch parties anymore. It's just way tooo crowded! I wonder if there were n@wies who joined the Gymboree Halloween party as well?!

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  1. Laki na ni Enzo :)

    Thanks sis for leaving a comment on my blog. As usual, minsan pasaway si Hubby parang bata...hehehe.