Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's been awhile... I have been both busy eeerr lazy especially on updating our blog. Just imagine Christmas and New Year have come and go without a single post yaiks!

But I hope to start this year right... by being motivated and inspired. And I hope I can update this blog more often. Maybe I'm getting tired of my old template... I hope someone can help me make it more personalized.

Here are my fond memories of the year that was:
- Enzo's 1st Tagaytay trip (January 17)
- enjoyed a Red Crab dinner with my Tita who's based in the States (Mama's side)
- whipped some new dishes - Buttered Shrimps ala Dampa & Apple Cream Pie

- turned 30 and celebrated it at Dencio's Trinoma

- Enzo's 1st dental visit (March 14)
- read Shopaholic & Baby
- tasted the Chocolate Ganache by Karen's Kitchen... yummy!

- Enzo 1st Cebu trip & our 2nd (May 8-10)

- got Wii courtesy of tita Ida

- tried to look for a new work but still unsuccessful (to date!)... I believe in God's own time!
- Enzo's 2nd Tagaytay trip (August 22)

- Hubby turned 30!
- Enzo sported a new do "Mohawk"
- Ondoy struck! (September 26)

- marked Enzo's 2nd birthday (October 7)
- bought my iPhone... cool!
- Halloween party at Fun Ranch (October 24)
- Halloween party at Gymboree, Greenbelt (October 25)

- enjoyed a Casa Armas lunch with my Tita (Papa's side)
- enjoyed a lunch at Lorenzo's Way to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary (December 16)
- stayed overnight at Crowne Plaza to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary (December 18)
- bought a new foam from Uratex factory... finally!
- Enzo's 3rd San Luis, Batangas trip (December 30)

Our 2010 plan really is to save... save... save and save more! Since we plan to send Enzo to school by next year, we better start saving up! We "might" enroll him first at Claret. I don't know yet if we'll throw a party for Enzo's 3rd birthday (that's a thought!) or we're due for another travel this year to meet our goal of once a year trip. Maybe if some irresistable offer comes along. And how about baby #2? Is hubby reading this? I don't know if we are ready maybe towards the end of the year will not be bad. It would mean I'll be 32 when I give birth.

And now we welcome 2010 with much hope in our hearts!

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