Tuesday, January 19, 2010

late bloomer!

My officemates saw me yesterday reading twilight (while in a workshop ssshh!) and they all remarked "You are a late bloomer!" hahaha!
But I finished it... and itching to get new moon NOW! I enjoyed the book sooo much it felt I was a teen again enjoying pocketbooks. Not that you compare it to a pocketbook but the "kilig" you feel while reading it gives you that impression.
And hubby and I are able to watch Avatar in 3D (our first time!) and it's cool pala to watch it in 3D hahaha!
Oh, I had my hair cut short na. I'll probably post my new do after we attend the wedding of hubby's cousin on Sunday. Hubby also bought me 2 blouses (one is white from Bayo which I have to wear at the wedding). The other is from Bossini which I fell in love at first sight so even if we bought one already, he just have to buy it for me. Anyway, he got one for himself too.
So I guess I've reached my quota of buying one clothing per month. I'll have to wait for March unless I see something that I couldn't really pass. And I think I'll exceed my quota of at least 2 books this year as I have my eye on new moon already... and eclipse... and breaking dawn... and there's Harry Potter. Though the Strabucks goal is no way near of accomplishing it this month hihihi! I lost count really.

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