Monday, January 25, 2010

presenting... the "Coin Bearer" (24 January 2010)

Here am I with the Coin Bearer getting ready for his "big act."

We attended the wedding of hubby's cousin, Cecile to Ronald last Sunday at the San Ildefonso Parish. Enzo is "officially" the coin bearer and it was an exciting milestone for me and hubby more than for Enzo. I bet he wouldn't remember it all! And you think walking down the aisle on your wedding day is nerve-wracking... wait til it's your child who will or will not walk for that matter.

The wedding was held at San Ildefonso Parish last January 24. This is his 2nd time to be asked to be a coin bearer but the 1st time he really was up for it. He was down with a fever the first time so we didn't push him anymore to walk then.

His "shining" moment and he did it with ALL smiles. When they had a practice about a week (i think) before the wedding, Enzo doesn't even want to be put down that aisle. So we were not really hoping anymore that he will walk the whole length but he did. Surprise! Surprise! He might be the youngest but he's the only bearer who walked without the tantrums so we're proud parents!

This picture so remind me of Santino talking to Bro teehee! One of his shining moments.

Here is a picture of the flower girls and bearers with the newlyweds. Enzo was sooo behaved the whole ceremony. With Stik-O in his hand, he happily obliged with the picture-taking.

The wedding reception is held at the Paco Park. Since it is an outdoor venue, we changed Enzo's barong to a more comfortable polo.


  1. ang saya naman! exciting talaga when your son (or daughter) is asked to be part of the wedding noh?