Friday, February 5, 2010

another shot

Since I am back to regular programming when it comes to blogging, I might as well try again earning from it. I've tried in the past but the opportunities were far in between that I lost interest in time. So now, I started opening my accounts again and bidding once more. We'll see... I might earn extra moolah to buy myself this HP Mini 110 netbook I saw last night (in pink chic). Yummy!

You might also notice that I have updated my links list. I have deleted the links that have not been updated for so long now and added new links in my "morning reads" list namely:

- Topaz Horizon - the latest blog I've been reading. She's Frances, the Editor-in-Chief of OK! Philippines.
- Daphne's Diary - well, we all know her!
- - a popular blog as well!

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