Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Tour at Ocean Adventure (31 January 2010)

Thanks to my in-laws, we had a fun, sunny adventure at Subic yesterday. We also invited my parents to join us as I know they have not been to Ocean Adventure yet. Our ticket is only Php360 (discounted rate)/pax. We got the tickets from Anton & Rache of Our Awesome Planet. So the discounted rate is much more worth it than having to pay Php500/pax. There were only 4 shows: the "acrobat" show, Walk on the Wild Side, dolphin and sea lion show. Enzo calls all of them "fish." Well, as long as they are swimming in the water, they are just "fish" to my son.

We left Manila at 8am via SCTEX. We stopped at a gasoline station (TOTAL i think)to buy mineral water and also have our morning snack. This is where this shot was taken.

After 3 hours, we got to Ocean Adventure by 11am, just in time for the first show - the "acrobat" thingy.

The dolphin show. They are amazing indeed that my son kept talking (and signing) about how these dolphins jump and eat.

This shot was taken at the sea lion show (last show) around 1:30pm. The name of the sea lion is Simba and he's sooo cute. He can even copy how a seal moves hihihi!

This shot is right after the sea lion show.

from top to bottom/left to right: Mary Ann, Mac, me,

lolo Jun, lolo Boy, lola Myrna, Enzo and lola Rose (hubby, as usual, is behind the lens!)
We did not go anymore to Zoobic Safari as we don't have enough time since I believe it closes around 4pm. The entrance fee is almost Php500 too so it wouldn't be worth it if we will not have the luxury to enjoy the place... maybe next time!

What we're looking forward next is my company's family day in March yiheey! We're off to Enchanted Kingdom...

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