Wednesday, February 10, 2010

livejournal account

I "heart" the Flip video when I first heard of it so when Daphne Osena-Paez hosts a contest in her blog, I cannot help it but try my luck that maybe because my birthday is coming up so soon, I will be that one lucky girl to win the Flip Mino HD. I can wish, right?

In order to win, one must be the lucky 40th to leave a comment on her blog. But it seems one must be registered with livejournal to be able to do so. So I created this and now I'm at lost on what to do with it. It's hard enough for me to maintain this family bag and now, I have another blog to work on geez! I have posted my first entry. I was thinking of making it like a personal diary, something just about me. While this blog will be kept as "our family blog" which was really my intention when I first created this in 2008.

Maybe you can suggest a title for my little space in this world WIDE web... I would love to hear your ideas. mwah!

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