Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MISis Adventure # 8: Pork Tapa

I got this recipe from the same officemate who taught me the "Buttered Shrimps ala Dampa." The recipe is supposedly for beef sukiyaki (but pork tenderloin as a cheaper alternative is okay too!).

beef sukiyaki or beef tenderloin strips or pork tenderloin
oil (for frying)

Ingredients for marinade:
garlic (lots of it)
soy sauce
Mama Sita's Barbeque Sauce
brown sugar
salt to taste

Ideally, marinate the above ingredients overnight. Don't forget to taste the mixture while your adding the soy sauce. Imagine mine turned out a bit salty (but still superb!) without me adding the salt hihihi! This definitely deserves a rating of 5!

5 - exceptionally good!
4 - must try
3 - A-okay
2 - bland
1 - yikes! Never try this at home!

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