Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

In the past, summer is felt around March which also marks the end of the school year in the Philippines. We welcome the heat of the summer as it means we will be off for a vacation on the beach. That is life then! It's a bit different now. Well, aside from our eagerness to still hit the beach, summer is felt as early as late January/early February. Which is bad especially for our farmers who heavily rely on the rain for their crops. Even our water supply in the dams have been depleted to critical level and authorities are advising the public to conserve water. This is the end result of what was coined as "global warming."

Now that people are becoming aware of the effects to our environment, more and more are looking into an eco-friendly and sustainable way of life such as clean coals. It would be ideal if we can make use of alternative or renewable energy. It has been done and it can be done.

If only, we have the technology to process our waste to energy such as what is being discussed here

I wonder, will you join the Earth Hour tomorrow, March 27? We'll be off to Cavite for my nephew's 10th birthday. We might be home already by that time. I just hope the lil boy will cooperate.

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