Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Crowning Glory

Earlier, I said well... wrote that I needed new hairstyles this year. So I had my hair cut short in another branch of the same salon I frequent. That was only because it was nearer my place and hubby was also having his hair cut at a barber shop in the same mall. I wasn't happy with the end result though my hair looked better now (few months after the cut!). I didn't like what she came up with. I was hoping she would be more creative on the different short hair styles that would be suitable to my round face. I still prefer Mr. JR from the Greenbelt branch of this same salon. I'll probably go back to him in a few months to have my hair trimmed again or maybe even colored. Yes people! The white hairs have become visible. I wonder what color will suit me? Burgundy perhaps? Any suggestions?

Since it's a treatment, I hope I don't get damaged hair in the end. This will only be my second time to have my hair colored. In fact, the first attempt was just "highlights." There are a lot of hair care on Wikipedia so I hope they are updated on this.

I'll have to have my hair fixed by June in time for the wedding of my bestfriend, Abby. Stay tuned!

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