Friday, March 12, 2010

my angel in chocolate heaven

I must confess, my baby. Your memmy is becoming a stage momma. That when I happened to come across this food blog and saw this photo contest, I immediately thought of buying a slice to have your picture taken with it.

Forgotten about it for a few days and finally, beat the deadline with this mouth-watering photo. Well, you did like the cake and even ecstatic with the fact that memmy is allowing you to eat on your own and make a mess. But after our mini photo shoot, I had to take more than half of this slice because it's too much sweets for you.

This is the other picture we were considering to submit. And here is your entry. Will we win the GCs? hihihi!


  1. kumusta sis nanalo ba ang entry mo? hope so! cute kase eh!

  2. Hi sis, hehehe! sa 17th pa malalaman eh :)