Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom (06 March 2010)

The Institute's family day finally pushed through last Saturday, March 6. It was supposed to be last year but then Ondoy and Pepeng struck the country and the rest we all know already. This is the first out-of-town activity of the institute that I joined since I was employed in 2000 hahaha! It was Enzo's first visit at the Enchanted Kingdom (and definitely not his last!). He enjoyed it a lot and really really like the Boulderville Express as he associates it with "Thomas the Train." We rode in it twice!

First Stop: Rialto at Brooklyn Place

The Boulderville Express he loves... The lolas who are holding the Carousel Special ticket only were also able to ride this with us. The carousel special ticket is only Php150 (Php120 for senior citizens) which includes free admission to the park grounds and unlimited access to the Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders and this Boulderville Express.

The Stone Eggs (at Boulderville) this time with Daddy. I believe the only shot of Daddy hahaha! This ride he didn't like at first but settled down when the ride was almost done.

The Grand Carousel (at Victoria Park) is his 3rd ride (of the 4 rides he had). He liked sitting on the horse but wants to get off it as soon as the horse moved.

Here are the lolas enjoying the Grand Carousel as well...

The lolos at Up, Up and Away! (at Midway Boardwalk) We were supposed to ride this with them but Enzo was saying "Ayaw!" So we had to wait for them to finish before hubby and I tried it. This is my 2nd time really to try this ride but I felt a bit dizzy afterwards... and so was hubby. One tip though it's better that you're facing it than your back on it, ask hubby...

It was indeed fun (in spite of the scorching sun) so I was glad I joined this year. Hubby, Enzo and I were also able to ride the Swan Lake (at Jungle Outpost) after lunch under the scorching sun with 35.8 degrees (the hottest day recorded!). Understandably, there were no pictures as hubby is busy with our "stubborn" swan while I hold on to Enzo as he doesn't want the life jacket on. But Enzo loves this ride as well and calls it "duck."

Hubby and lolo Boy rode the smaller Space Shuttle. Lolo Jun and lolo Boy rode the Wheel of Fate (at Midway Boardwalk). Lolo Boy even tried the bump car. Maybe next time we'll go there by late afternoon to avoid the sun. But since this is "almost" free with am/pm snacks and lunch buffet to boot, would I dare complain? Happy happy mommy here...

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