Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Battle of Ice Cream Sticks

Actually, I'm referring to 2 ice cream sticks I have tasted recently (one is a gelato) - Stickhouse and Sebastian's Dive Bar. The latter I have tried just yesterday.

Sebastian's Dive Bar vs. Stickhouse
Nutella Crunch Bar = half Gianduia & half chocolate
Nutella ice cream dipped in full topped with Nestle Crunch = dipped in full without toppings
Php 120 (inclusive of dip & toppings) = Php Php 105 for full dip (addt'l payment for dips & toppings)
wide variety = limited choices
big = enough for 1 serving
melts easily = stays firm
chocolate dip tastes too ordinary = perfect blend with the gelato
chocolate dip breaks easily = chocolate dip stays in place

My verdict: Except for the fact that the Sebastian's Dive Bar have a wide variety to choose from and it's bigger (you can even share it with your partner), Stickhouse still is the hit for me this summer. A bit pricey but sooo worth it. The Gianduia is my favorite but they have a few other flavors to choose from - chocolate, milk chocolate, pistachio, strawberry sorbet, etc... and toppings too. They have branches in Trinoma and SM Megamall, I heard.

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