Friday, April 16, 2010

Remember this?

We were able to watch "Remember Me" when it was shown in the cinemas. I just forgot to blog about it. I like the movie and I even have crying bouts... silly me. It was focused on the family dynamics rather than being a love story, which I first thought it was. I mean just look at the poster!

Ha! And I still refer to Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen instead of Tyler. Wishing that he is not that vulnerable. I guess that's the difference. He still looks like my Edward Cullen but vulnerable.

I suggest you get a copy of this movie if you were not able to watch it on the big screen. You'll get your dose of Rob Pattinson while waiting for The Eclipse.

Hubby wanted to watch "Shutter Island." We initially wanted to watch "Clash of the Titans" on 3D but due to poor reviews, we opted not to spend much on it and regret later on. Remember we are trying to save this year. I'll post next week if we end up watching a movie tonight.

I'll end this post with a quote from the movie:

Ally Craig: I have my dessert first.
Tyler: Is that a political statement? A medical condition, perhaps?
Ally Craig: I just don't see the point in waiting. I mean, what if I die while eating my entree?
Tyler: Is that probable?
Ally Craig: It's possible. What if I choke? What if an asteroid come hurling down onto the restaurant?... I'll tell you what, if you swear on your eternal soul that I'll make it through my entree, then I'll wait. But before you answer, consider that if something does happen, you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing that not only did you lie to me, but you denied of my one last indulgence. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility?

LOVE IT! And yes, we live in the moments...

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