Monday, April 12, 2010

MISisAdventures # 9: Molo Soup

Since it's sooo hot these days, sometimes it's better (and cheaper) to just stay at home which we opted to do last Saturday. This means I have enough time to experiment once again at the kitchen. The recipe I got from the assistant of my boss in his other company.

She mentioned to me in one of our conservations over the phone how her grandchild loves her Molo Soup, no wonder why...

Ingredients (for the Molo):
1/4 pork giniling
1/2 carrot
few pieces of tenga ng daga
onion leeks
Knorr seasoning
soy sauce
salt to taste
1 egg
Molo wrapper

Ingredients (for the soup):
chicken breast
2 Knorr chicken cubes
onion leeks

Boil the chicken breast and set aside the broth.
Shred the chicken.

Chopped the onion, garlic, carrot, tenga ng daga, onion leeks and mix together with the pork giniling and egg. Tip: If you are cooking for a small household like mine (3 adult pax), less than 1/4 giniling is enough. Add Knorr seasoning, soy sauce and salt (to taste). I did not add salt anymore. Place a teaspoonful in a molo wrapper.

Fry the onion and garlic in cooking oil. Add the shreded chicken. Add the chicken broth and 2 Knorr chicken cubes. Let it boil. Drop the molo and the onion leeks (if desired). Add pepper.

I must say, it's one delicious meal... a 5 indeed! Hubby even approved and was forced to eat more rice hihihi! Even Papa (who is a good cook) and Mama likes it.

5 - exceptionally good!
4 - must try
3 - A-okay
2 - bland
1 - yikes! Never try this at home!

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