Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Mantra: "Live today!"

April 2010 marks a new beginning for me. I need NOT be pressured of landing that new job for I believe it will come. Our focus now is to be able to save more from our current income. If only I can afford to apply for small business credit cards to finance my own party business? Yes, I dream of becoming an events planner. A good friend also from college share that same dream. But since I am living for what is TODAY, the goal is to save up for our family.

I did join the "Paluwagan" here in the office which automatically deducts Php5,000 from my salary every month. That's what you call forced savings hahaha! But it's a nice feeling that you have saved this much at the end of the year with an interest to boot that even savings account in a bank cannot match. This coming May, I'll enroll hubby's payroll in BPI to Save-Up which will also automatically deduct from his payroll. We'll start with Php500 every 14th and 29th for now. And the monthly savings from hubby's payroll which will be deposited to our joint account for the meantime for emergency purposes.

I will also have to settle my credit card first before I even encouraged hubby to apply for credit card. The balance is not that big compared to some I know but I still want to settle it first before making anymore purchases. So that the payments for this card when fully settled can be additional savings for us. Imagine how high the CD rates when not fully settled. Credit cards are not really that bad for they are very useful in times of emergency and you can't get your hands on a cold cash right away but one must have the discipline. So yes, after fully settling our card, it will be solely used for emergency situation.

If God though has other plans and bless us with another baby then my job-hunting will have to be put on halt. I realized I can do that right after giving birth. Hubby as always is on the market for better opportunities. After all, it's not like I have the worst job. I, in fact, is happy with my job, not just that contented for I have the responsibility to provide a better, brighter future for my family. But I must live for today... not dwell on the has been nor daydream of what will be.

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